Confessions of a Co-Sleeper

January 13, 2015 by ontheerun

Confessions of a  Co-Sleeper

I lie to my pediatrician. At every appointment the doctor goes through the list of questions to check on Jordan’s health, I confess I lie.

They ask: What does the baby eat?  Does he awaken at night, does drink out of a bottle, does he drink anything during the night, LIE 1, yes I get up every night to get him some milk.  How many wet diapers? How long does he sleep? And then they ask: Where does he sleep? LIE 2,  I look my doctor right in the face and say “Oh my baby sleeps in his crib”.

Now, I have no idea if my pediatrician supports co-sleeping but he always nods in approval when I say “in his crib”. I doubt I would get the same nodding if I said “He sleeps in our bed”. I hear it from everyone you need to get him out of your bed; maybe there is a secret button that can magically fix the co-sleeping situation without having him cry it out or any other fantastic idealistic methods.

But the truth is, where my baby sleeps is not really a medical problem and therefore not something a pediatrician is trained to discuss. Most people’s knowledge of co-sleeping is limited to that story they heard about someone who accidentally rolled over and smothered their child or the mom whose six year old STILL sleeps in the bed… and dad sleeps on the couch. Those are not the norm. I would bet good money there are thousands of people across the country who are secret co-sleepers just like me. So much research out there look it up.

To be honest we had a plan, the plan seemed to be working fine until we decided to go on vacation when he was 18 months, where he slept in our bed for 2 weeks and all went downhill from there.

The truth is, co-sleeping means a lot of different things. I’ve technically been co-sleeping since the very beginning, since the baby has always slept within an arm’s reach of me. He slept in his bassinet until the 12 months then slowly transitioned to his Crib until 18 months and returned to our bed, its not that long ago he started asking for milk at 3am every day. Not every day but mostly every day.  I do have to give credit to my husband he has bailed me out on occasion, I think he hears my tone of voice and sees I need that tiny break.

Here Is the danger of co-sleeping.. Not because he may get injured or die of asphyxiation. The danger is this: he is a toddler that is swimming like shark all night he moves all over the bed, we have gone from sleeping vertically to sleeping horizontally, YES! all 3 of us, we have trained ourselves to not move all night so we give him all the space. YES, it’s not the best sleep in our lives but I secretly must say I sleep best when he is in our room, in our bed and I love smelling him and listening to him breath, I think my husband does to.

Back to the danger, well this kid like to move so much he ends up on top of my face belly down and I think at times he is trying to suffocate me, on occasion, I am awaken by a kick in the face, a knee to my kidney and I feel like I have gone 12 rounds with him and he won,   by morning time.  DON”T JUDGE US, we love it.

I do enjoy my time with Jordan even if it’s at night when we sleep; I want him to see me close and at arm’s length if he needs me since I’m away all day at work. I do have my days off with him but it’s not the same as spending a full 7 days with him all hours of the day.

Finally, I have to say I just really enjoy sleeping with Jordan. He’s so cute and warm and I love being able to touch him without having to get up to go check on him. Yes I do know there are baby monitors to check on him but I like to touch when I do.



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